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Anti Ragging Cell and Anti Sexual Harassment Cell at Darshan College
On 20th June 2023 Anti Ragging Cell and Anti Sexual Harassment Cell of Darshan College had conducted a program to create awareness about ragging and human trafficking. Mr. Byrappa S Sub Inspector and Ms.Ambika Sub Inspector, Kengeri Police Station were the resource persons of the program.

Ragging is a crime which destroys physical and emotional confidence, it is an abuse, humiliation and harassment to new entrants. Human trafficking and sexual harassment are punishable crimes. Students were made known about the Anti ragging Helpline and the contact number of police was shared so that in any kind of ragging case in public or campus, students are free to contact the resource person. The event created an awareness among students about the law that existed in Indian Judiciary along with the sections and with the message to be responsible citizen of the country.




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