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“AURA 2023” Cultural Fest at Darshan College
“AURA 2023” Two days Cultural Fest was held at Drashan College on 14th and 15th July 2023. A cultural fest, also known as a cultural festival, is an event that celebrates and showcases the diverse cultural heritage and traditions of a community, region, or country. On First Day offstage events were conducted such as Best Leader, Rangoli, Poetry, Meme making, DIY, Start up, Pick and Debate, Mehendi designing, Graphic designing, pencil Sketching, Escape room, etc. Students actively participated in all the events to make this fest memorable one.

Second Day program started with an inauguration by dignitaries Fr. Robin Victor D’souza, Director St. Anthony’s Institutions, Fr. Joy D’Souza Principal Darshan College and the Judges. Director in his address said: Our college's cultural event is not just an occasion to showcase our talents; it is a platform to unite us all in the spirit of togetherness and understanding. It is a time when we put aside our differences and come together to celebrate the beauty of our various cultural heritages. He further said that this event is the result of the hard work and dedication of our fellow students, faculty, and staff members. They have put in countless hours of planning and organizing to ensure that this fest becomes a memorable and enriching experience for each one of us. After the inauguration on stage events such as singing, dance, short movie, Mad Ads, Mime, Fashion Show etc were included for the event. At the end winners of both Off stage and On stage events were announced. Everybody enjoyed the cultural program and appreciated the organizers. It gave a delightful ending to the evening.

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