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Blood Donation Camp-2023 at Darshan College
A blood donor is equal to a lifesaver. Saving a life won't cost anything. Go ahead and donate blood. Be a saviour just by donating your blood.

Red Cross and NSS unit of Darshan College with the collaboration of Rashtrotthana Blood centre had organised blood donation camp on 16th of December 2023.

The main objective of conducting blood donation camp is to educate and to make involve the students of Darshan college in social service activities and to come forward to save another life by donating blood which is precious gift one can give to others.

A session was conducted by Rastrottana Blood Centre about the eligibility of donor, uses of blood donation, donor safety and application of advanced techniques and procedure of blood transfusion.

89 students of Darshan College voluntarily come forward to donate the blood and involved in sacred and noble act.

Charts, slogans and short videos which give more awareness about the Blood Donation were displayed in the Seminar hall. Principal, Red Cross Coordinators, NSS Program Officer and volunteers actively took part for the success of the camp.




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