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Alumni Gathering at Darshan College
Alumni serve as the lifeblood of any esteemed institution, forming vital connections between the corporate world and academia. On April 6th, 2024, "INSPIRE 2024" kicked off with great enthusiasm, featuring esteemed dignitaries such as Mr. Uday Kumar Ramappa, HR at Elios Recruitment India Pvt Ltd; Mrs. Chaitra Santhosh, entrepreneur of CHAIS; Mrs. Kajal B, Credit Quality Assurance Lead at ANZ Bank; Mr. Maria John Peter, Manager TA, from Digikey Global Capability Centre; and Mrs. Divya Suvitha Mary, Assistant Court Secretary at the High Court of Karnataka, all under the coordination of Prof. Chandrika. The event was inaugurated by Director Rev. Fr. Robin Victor DíSouza and Assistant Director Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, welcoming guests from both the corporate and public sectors. These distinguished individuals shed light on the paramount importance of effective communication in today's landscape, discussing the myriad opportunities and setbacks that pave the path to success. They offered valuable suggestions for self-motivation and network building, while emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, leadership, punctuality, discipline, and other critical factors.The guests provided a comprehensive overview of corporate responsibilities, organizational structures, and hierarchies, drawing upon their wealth of experience. Additionally, they shared anecdotes from their college days and discussed strategies for overcoming difficulties, enriching the session with valuable insights.




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