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Rangoli and Mehendi Competition @ Darshan College
‘A Nation’s culture and tradition resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people’ – Mahatma Gandhi. Darshanites competed and witnessed to tradition-upholding competitions - one is Rangoli and the other is Mehendi. With a view to sustain and keep up the spirit of the moral values, ethos, ethnicity and culture of our beautiful and unique Indian tradition, Darshan College had Organized Mehendi and Rangoli Competition. The Mehendi and Rangoli flair expedition acknowledged an irresistible and awe-inspiring response. The enthusiastic participants carved out overwhelming inventive designs. Regardless of acquaintance and experience, they festooned, adorned and ornamented their hands with Mehendi designs which assisted them to enhance their confidence in the art. The judges Mrs. Meghana Gowda and Mrs. Rashmi A, Renowned beauticians and entrepreneurs appreciated and cherished the efforts and talent of the participants and wished them good luck for their future endeavours.




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