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Industrial Visit by Darshanites
‘Education does not have to take place only in the classroom. All the world is a laboratory for an inquiring mind’. The best source of Knowledge is experience. It is rightly said that “observe & understand’ is better than ‘read & learn’. In this pursuit, Darshan College organized a One-Day Industrial Visit to the Unibic Pvt. Ltd, and Garuda Polyflex Pvt. Ltd. Students were amazed at the speed at which the process occurred and how the automated systems could be set according to requirements of the company without involving much human intervention. The creative and innovative ways of production and marketing a product was indeed a new lesson to be appreciated, admired and learnt. The visit was a success as the Students were enlightened and gained practical exposure about the particularities of the Food and Beverages. Imagination is more important than knowledge.




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