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Konistra: Sports meet @ St. Anthony’s PU College

Sports is the preserver of health. Every sport is a gift in itself, it depends on each individual which one we choose. It was a dream realized for the Management of St. Anthony’s Institutions in Organizing KONISTRA: An arena for Sports. A day was set aside for the Inter-School sports competitions where in Students from Schools far and wide participated in the sports events to show forth their love and determination in sports. Kabaddi and Throw-ball competitions were held for boys and girls respectively. It was pleasant sight for the eyes as the participants as teams, put out their heart and soul to gain victory. All praise to Prof. Srinidhi Siddarth, Director of Physical Education, and Prof. Rudraradya, St. Anthony’s PU College who organized the event in shipshape and Bristol fashion. Prof. Ambarish, Department of Kannada, encouraged and delighted everyone with his vociferous commentary. Sports unites everyone without any distinction.




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