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EXPLORENA A Techno-Cultural Fest @ Darshan College

"We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring." The Cultural committee of Darshan college beautifully organized techno-cultural events in order to explore talents and boost confidence among fellow students and peers. EXPLORENA A Techno-Cultural Fest comprising of a wide range of intra-college events were categorized in two phases- Off-Stage and On-Stage events viz., Best Accountant, Best Manager, Spell Bee, Spot Programming, Photography, Creative Writing, Painting, Pencil Sketch and Group Dance, Solo Singing, Product Launch, Mad Ads, Fashion Show, Short movie respectively. The group events included Cooking without fire, Collage, Treasure hunt, Rangoli, Mehendi, Nail art/Face painting. Indeed, it was a spectacular display of fun filled extravaganza which offered feast to the eyes. The young and vigourous Darshanites enthralled everyone with their mesmerizing performance. The renowned artistes Mr Jagadish alias Majabharatha Jagappa, famous Comedian and Dr Chandra Kumar AS, popularly known as Dol Chandru, a State level awardee for both drum dance and instrumental music were the Guests for this event who applauded everyone.




2005 DARSHAN COLLEGE, MYSORE ROAD, BANGALORE                                                                                                                                    POWERED BY INDIA BUSINESS ONLINE, BANGALORE