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Christmas & New Year Celebration @ St Anthony’s Institutions

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection. To celebrate and share the joy of Christmas, Christmas celebration was held at St Anthony’s Institutions. The spirit of Christmas reminds everyone that we should not be blinded by hatred, violence and injustice rather be radiant with love, peace, joy and happiness. The Christ-event was enacted through music, carols, dance and tableau which gave an expression to the human values of caring, sharing and spreading the goodness and kindness. The Chief Guest Rev. Fr Dancy Sunil Martis, OFM Cap., Principal, St. Anthony’s School, Gangondanahalli shared an inspiring Christmas message. Jesus may not be born again historically but he can be born again in us through our appreciation, gentleness, support sympathy and so on towards others. Giving gifts is an easy task, but giving oneself to the needs of others is a great sacrifice. No one has become poor by giving.




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